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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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?q it's tuesday. september 22nd, 2015. this is the "morning news." pope frances comes to america t. pope ariefbs in washington, d.c. today to start a six-day tour of the united states. wisconsin governor scott walker pulls the plug on his campaign. why he is urging other republican candidates to do the same. and google makes good on its promise to ahmed mohammed. the teen is the skrernt center of the show on campus.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at "cbs news" headquarters in new york thanks, for joining us. pope frances fly there is havana to gen his u.s. visit in washington. it's his first visit ever to the u.s. he will wrap up his stay in tooub cuba with another mass weijia jiang is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. good morning, everybody. pope frances has a patched schedule during his stay here in the united states. he will spend two days here in the nation's capital where he will receive a rare presidential welcome when he arrives. pope frances arrives to the patron saint santiago this morning. monday frances blessed the city.
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during his visit. he stayed away from a political statement. the spokesman says his choice to travel to the u.s. from here is more about reconciliation. "the decision to make a trip to both countries, truly is a strong message to encourage this process that has subsequent steps, requests he says. in d.c., where the pope will stop first, federal officials have heightened security in posing restrictions on items like bicycles and backpacks and shutting down roads him but that's not stopping kevin gossing from getting excited. >> it would be great to get to do that until like say i shook his hands. he's a very holy person. he's a good person. >> reporter: in a rare move, president and mrs. obama will be at pope frances land to personally welcome him. >> frances has inspired catholics and non-catholics alike and that i think has really resonated. fought just among catholics, but
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among people of faith. all around the world. >> reporter: during your story, you mentioned there are some security measures taking place. what are you seeing there if washington now? >> reporter: some measures are really obvious. like right now crews are installing fences around the capital and there is also a fema truck parked outside where the pope is staying. then again, some measures, we might never see, this is one of the largest security operations by the secret service. they do have a particular challenge because the pope has historically been so unpredictable. so welcoming and open to greeting, physically, everyone around him. so they really have to take some extra steps to protect him. >> weijia jiang in washington. thank you. "cbs news" will continue our coverage of the pope's visit to america beginning this afternoon with his arrival in washington and on our 24 hour hour digital news network cbsn.
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scott walker dropped out of the gop presidential race. walker had harsh words for the current republican front-runner and the direction of the campaign. don champion is in washington with more on that? good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning, marie. it was a stunning fall for walker after starting at a serious contender. the two-term wisconsin governor was one of the last two enter the race that is now won of the first to leave after barely registering in recent polls and struggling to raise money, walker decided to call it quits. >> i believe i am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field. >> reporter: walker warned as the party's debate has drifted into personal attacks. he didn't just quit. he urged others to follow his lead so that someone can take down donald trump. >> i encourage other presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a
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limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> walker's lack luster performance at the gop debates and some critical mistakes on key republican issues like shifting answers on illegal immigration cost him. in the end, he could not overcome trump's unexpected popularity. >> i think he's a terrific guy a nice guy. i think it's tough for him. he started off high and his poll numbers went, but he'll do fine and he's a good governor and he's got plenty to govern. thank you. >> reporter: walker will return to his job as governor of wisconsin, where he made his name fighting the unions. his exit means potential gain for other conservative candidates like ted cruz, who appeared on "late night" with stephen colbert. >> with i'm fighting for a principles, living with our mean, follow the constitution.
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>> reporter: and the words of one republican strategist, walker had great expectations and did not meet them and you go down pretty fast when that happens. be i the way, anne-marie, donald trump will be stephen colbert's guest tonight. >> oh, that ought to be interesting. don champion in walk. thank you. the white house is weighing in on ben carson's charge that a muslim should fought be elected president. on sunday, carson said, i will not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. yesterday, the obama administration says it is disappointing other gop candidates aren't speaking up. >> we haven't seen a significant outcry from all of the other candidates in the republican race and it's for the same reason. because they're chasing the same votes. >> carson's campaign reports strong fundraising, including in the 24 hours after carson spoke. and that republican primary voters overwhelmingly agree with carson. immigration protesters
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interrupted jeb bush as he spoke before the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce in houston. >> i can't see you. i have been clear about this. >> reporter: bush reminded the protesters that he supports a pathway for citizenship for people in the u.s. illegally. the united states is making a new pledge to help refugees fleeing the syrian civil war. the u.s. will direct nearly $419 manyle in aid by those displaced by the violence and the countries that are hosting them. to day the united states has spent about $4.5 billion in aid since the civil war began if 2011. two men are dead and two police officers injured after a shootout in a california parking lot. officers in san city approached the men sitting in a car at a target store monday. they were trying to serve a felony warrant but a gunfight broke out. the suspects died the injured officers are expected to make a
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full recovery. >> the first year cadet of the virginia military institute has died. the student collapsed yesterday during routine physical training at the school's campus in lexington, virginia. he later died at a hospital t. school has not released the cadet's name. officials are investigating what went wrong. coming up on the morning feuds, they are calling him the most hated man in the world. we will show you the ceo behind the decision to jack up the price of an aids drug to $750 a pill. this is the "cbs morning news." . you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, .
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witnesses rush to the scene as a navy fighter jet leaves smoldering in a field t. pilot safely ejected before the faa 18 super hornet smashed into the
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ground. the hanford sent smell the reporting after he hit the ground, he actually walked over to emergency workers on the scene t. pilot is uninjured and in good condition. the jet crashed about 3 miles from the lenore naval station in fresno. navy officials are investigating what caused the jet to go down. and the "new york times" is reporting on a striking new survey of college women. more than a quarter say they've experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact while incapacitated. usually by alcohol or drugs. about 150,000 students at 27 schools took part in the survey. the "wall street journal" says apple is speeding up efforts to build an electric car. the tech company has spent more than a year investigating the feasible of entering the auto industry t. teen working on the project has been granted permission to triple its work force. apple hopes to have the cars ready for market by 2019. and the daily mail is
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sharing social media pictures of the pharmaceutical executives. some are calling the most despised man in the world this morning. martin schkrelli purchased the rights used for an aids patient. he immediately raised the pill more than 500%. he said he did it to keep his company in business. hillary clinton tweeted she will layout a new plan to slow the cost of prescription drugs. in other business headlines, volkswagon's car rigging scandal sends its stocking tumbling and snoop dogg starts a new adventure. we have more in our cbc "money watch. >> good morning. kol volkswagon stocks plunged 17% on monday. >> that is a large fallout.
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federal regulators accuse vw with rig them. they will recall a half a million cars t. company is far from over. now european regulators have launched a similar reg lakes. a georgia worker was sent to prison for his role in a deadly salmonella outbreak. he once ran peanut corporation of america. contamination led to one of the largest recall in u.s. history. it killed nine people and sickened more than 700 others. the dow is up 125 points t. s&p gained almost 9 points. the nasdaq was unchanged. chinese president xi arrives in seattle. she expected to stop in nearby red mond and will visit a boeing factory. china is the second largest
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trading company with the u.s. walk state exports more to china than any other state. president obama will meet in washington later this week. shop in dogg will produce all things marijuana. he said the media company will be known as mary jane. it's expected to make available every facet of marijuana from the business to economics of pot and marijuana products. snoop dogg's site joins others in a growing field of marijuana-related industries. >> he has been promoting marijuana for a very long time. might as well make some money. jik wagner, thanks, a lot. when we return, pilots behaving badly, a dispute between two pilots causes a huge delay for passengers on a flight in texas. ji but it's a shower with dove body wash.
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is here's a look forecasts at some cities around the country. >> four people were injured when a house exploded in texas monday. two of the people were airlifted to the hospital. the home was reduced to rubble by the blast. at least nine other houses nearby were damaged t. cause of the explosion is under investigation. but some witnesses say they smelled gas. united express flight was
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delayed because of a dispute between the pilots t. flight didn't move for five hours in lubbock, texas on saturday t. spokesman says there was a disagreement, no physical alter cakes t. incident is being 52nd. but the airline is not sure if the pilots will face disciplinary action. and a russian billionaire's new super yacht is being towed out to sea t. giant ship named sailing yacht a is the world's biggest sailing ship. it's 468 feet long. its masts are 300 feet high. it has eight floors. the ship costs more than $400 million to build and it took three years. well, straight ahead, star treatment. the muslim student suspended for bringing a home-made clock to school is a guest of honor at google's science fair. in sports, new york jets flex their defence iisive muscl against the indiana colts.
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here's a look at some frosts at cities around the country. what's more new york? a slice of pizza and a subway rat. this video got a lot of attention monday. it shows a rat dragan entire slice of pizza down the subway. a very determined rat got the pizza partway down the steps until he disappeared into a hole at the bottom. some viewers said they were inspired by his struggle. others were probably dproesd out. you can't help to root for am little bit. >> the 14-year-oldle boy is suspended from school for building a clock has become a popular attraction. ahmed mohammed was a special guest at the google science fair. our station reports on his
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visit. >> one, two, three. ro he is the biggest star on the google campus. students from around the world can line up for photos with 14-year-old ahmed mohammed. you are about as excited as the kids are to meet the guy? >> i am, yeah. i'm a teacher and that is the kind of kid you want if your class, right. >> that kid that is inspired, that wants to go out and do lots of cool things. >> reporter: a week ago the freshman from texas ended up if handcuffs after he brought this home-made alarm clock to school to impress his teacher. >> i felt like i was a criminal. i was profiled as a terrorist. i was just an innocent person, a normal kid, straight a student. >> reporter: after ahmed's story went viral, google science fair tweeted, we're saving a seat for you. he toured projects on display from 20 finalists from around the world and attended the awards ceremony. >> i think it just makes us glad he is having a good time and he
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can be with kids that are interested in the things that he is. you know, these young scientists that are going to really clang our future and he's a part of. that these kids are a part of that. >> reporter: julia is the same age as ahmed. she has been following his story in the news. >> it taught me that it's okay to be different and do what you want to do. >> reporter: this was the teen's first trip to california. on top of the google science fair, he made time to tour san francisco, stop and in and out and have a bar-b-que at google. for cbs news, betty yu, mountain view, california. on monday night football, the new york defense comes up big against the colts. darrelle revis, the jets quarterback picks off an andrew luck pass t. jets go to 2 and o with a 27 victory.
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like all the other republican candidates, jeb is struggling to get traction against donald trump. trump is even dominated in jeb's home state of florida, where the former governor is behind by 15 points. it makes sense that florida likes trump, i mean, they're used to life size cartoon characters with giant heads. >> get used to it. donald trump's run away success at a presidential candidate is providing "late night" hosts like stephen colbert with plenty of jokes. colbert may not be kidding around tonight. that's because donald trump will be his guest. you will not want to miss this one. "the late show" standard tonight at 10:35 central right here on cbs. here's a look at tonight's
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stop stories, governor scott walker's presidential campaign is over. walker was running low in the polls and rung out of campaign money. he urged his gop rivals to follow his lead so the party can side with a contender other than donald trump. and pope frances wraps up his visit to cuba today. hits 71st i first start this afternoon is walk. he'll meet with the president tomorrow and congress thursday. frances will visit new york and philadelphia. and one topic the pope will discuss on his u.s. visit climate change. he has said humans need to take responsibility to protect the planet. john than vigliotti reports on how not everyone is receptive to the pope's message. >> reporter: pope frances has a global problem with grave implications. he says the entire world needs cut greenhouse gases and live simpleer lives, but bridgeing the gap between faith and science will be difficult a.
4:27 am
recent puig research poll says 35% of americans don't cause climate change. >> when someone like the pope says this is important and you got to take notice, most people will listen and perhaps understand a bit more, this is something they should also be taking notes of. >> reporter: climate change scientist joanna haig said the pope's message is one americans need to hear. last summer, pope frances unveiled a 200 page document plending scripture with science to make a moral and scientific case of protecting the environment. in the so-called encyclical, the pope favors the rich for turning the earth into what he called an immense pile of filth. >> he has opened men's eyes. >> reporter: while historians have praised the pope's efforts, there is some backlash, a republican paulco sar says the ridiculous to promote questionable science as catholic truth. jonathan vigliotti, "cbs news,"
4:28 am
london. coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning," more on the pope and what it takes to protect him on his u.s. visit. we will speak with commissioner bill bratton and e-trade author elizabeth gilbert tells us about her new book and nfl analyst phil simms joins us to talk some pig skins. >> that is the cbs "early news" for this tuesday, thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs "eyewitness news". good morning. the world meeting of families gets under way today as preparations continue for at the arrival of pope francis. crews have been working flight to set up barriers and get cars off the street. pope francis wraps up his visit to cuba before traveling to the us this afternoon, we have his itinerary of events after landing in washington, dc. almost here. good morning, it's tuesday, september 22nd, i'm erika von tiehl teal.ning, it's tuesday, let's check on traffic and weather and meisha and still feels fall-like outside. >> gorgeous outside. it's kind of a welcome break after some of the humidity, good evening, justin. >> i don't think there's any humidity coming back


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